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"We have always had the best support from Edgar when it comes to making changes to the program. The Edgar staff has always tried to understand what it is we want or need so they can produce results we require"

Annette Morris
Fresno USD

"Best way to track the students. We get a whole bunch of information about everything to make the kids safe, making sure they’re on the right place. I can’t find any other reason why someone will not use it"

Peggy Charlesworth
San Luis Coastal USD

"EDGAR Corporation was responsible for the development and installation of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) transportation department including design, organization, staffing, training and initial supervision. This department provided daily scheduled routes with minimum "total travel time" for multiple terminals and bus contractors. Responsibility covered the Los Angeles County Area for the transport of 8000 Special Education students, on time, for pickup and delivery home to school. Savings for the LACOE exceeded 12% of transport cost per year."

W. Purdy, Assistant Superintendent
Los Angeles County of Education, Los Angeles, CA

"EDGAR Corporation developed and maintained the GIS arterial mapping software required to generate accurate, audited routes for transport of Regular, Special Needs, and other students for a complex, restricted street network (the equivalent of over 15% annual transportation savings per year)."

D. Garden, Director of Transportation
San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, CA

"Over 3 years ago, we embraced the challenging process of talking with over 20 transportation software companies. Based on our research, we selected Edgar Corporation software, because relative to other solutions, Edgar product is far more accurate, and advanced. Today is our 3rd year using Edgar software and we are extremely pleased. The Edgar team is always quick to meet our requirements for customization as well."

D. Huber, President
LADS Network Solutions, Inc. St. Louis, MO

"Peter Caswell, President of EDGAR Corporation is responsible for the successful application and implementation of management science for transportation in government, industrial and education facilities. His personal development of transport algorithms, primary use of modeling for transportation arterial networks and successful simulation of transport of vehicles with the use of management science is acknowledged."

Dr. G. Dantzig, Professor Emeritus
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA

"The EDGAR system is the 'Crème de la Crème' of all transportation software."

Dr. T. Tocco, Superintendent
Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX

"The EDGAR system is the 'most significant contribution' to the LTL Industry this year and deserves the annual first prize"

Transportation Research Forum

"The actual preparation and use of the EDGAR system for scheduling and routing of Special Education students in LA resulted in a 14% reduction in total vehicle travel time from the present competitive system installed"

Winston, Vice President
Durham Transportation Durham, LA

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